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Jerome Callet (born April 24, 1930) is a musician, teacher and designer of brass instruments.

He resides and works in Staten Island, New York. Callet, spends the bulk of his time teaching embouchure for all brass instruments having recently retired from his long-time practice of designing his own line of brass mouthpieces, trumpets,[1][2] and trombones. Jerome Callet is the most well-known teacher of the "Tongue Controlled Embouchure" method for brass instruments.

He is the author of a book titled "'Trumpet Secrets', the Tongue Controlled Embouchure (TCE)".

The method is all about a focused tone, perfect pitch, high notes and endurance. It is a rediscovered method of a technique which the clarino blaser were using in the 17th and 18th centuries. "Trumpet Secrets" is seen by Mr. Callet as a progression from his earlier books, "Trumpet Yoga"[3] and "Super Chops"

Jerry recently invented the "last word" in trumpet mouthpieces...the Superchops 3, which is more improved from the others, Superchops 1 and Superchops 2.


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