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At stage in Oslo in 2017

Jerome Harris (born April 5, 1953) is an American jazz musician specializing in electric and acoustic bass guitar, electric guitar, voice, and occasionally lap steel and small percussion.

He came to prominence in 1978 playing bass guitar and guitar with tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins, with whom he would perform and record intermittently until the mid-1990s. Harris went on to work with drummers Jack DeJohnette, Paul Motian, Bob Moses and Bobby Previte, clarinetist David Krakauer, trombonist Ray Anderson, pianist/organist/vocalist Amina Claudine Myers, and saxophonist/clarinetists Don Byron and Marty Ehrlich, among others.[1]

Harris has recorded four albums as a bandleader. Hidden in Plain View (1995), a tribute to saxophonist Eric Dolphy, is described by critic Michael G. Nastos[2] as "the finest [recording] of Harris' small discography."


As leader[edit]

  • 1986 Algorithms (Minor Music)
  • 1990 In Passing (Muse)
  • 1995 Hidden in Plain View (New World)

As sideman[edit]

With Ray Anderson

With Jack DeJohnette

With Marty Ehrlich

  • 2000 Malinke's Dance (Omnitone)
  • 2010 Fables (Tzadik)
  • 2013 A Trumpet in the Morning (New World)

With Michael Gregory Jackson

  • 1979 Gifts (Arista Novus)
  • 1979 Hearts & Center (Arista Novus)

With David Krakauer

With Oliver Lake

  • 1982 Jump Up (Gramavision)
  • 1983 Plug It (Gramavision)

With Bob Moses

  • 1984 Visit with the Great Spirit (Gramavision)
  • 1987 The Story of Moses (Gramavision)

With Amina Claudine Myers

  • 1986 Country Girl (Minor Music)
  • 1989 In Touch (Novus)
  • 1993 Women in (E)Motion

With Bobby Previte

  • 1990 Empty Suits (Gramavision)
  • 1991 Music of the Moscow Circus (Gramavision)
  • 1994 Slay the Suitors (Avant)
  • 1997 My Man in Sydney (Enja)
  • 1998 Dangerous Rip (Enja)

With Hank Roberts

  • 1990 Birds of Prey (JMT)
  • 2011 Everything Is Alive (Winter & Winter)

With Sonny Rollins

With Ned Rothenberg

  • 1991 Overlays (Moers)
  • 1995 Real and Imagined Time (Moers)
  • 1998 Port of Entry (Intuition)
  • 2004 Parting (Moers)
  • 2004 Harbinger (Animul)
  • 2007 Inner Diaspora (Tzadik)

With Adam Rudolph

  • 2011 Both/And (Meta)
  • 2015 Turning Towards the Light (Cuneiform)

With Bob Stewart

  • 1989 Goin' Home (JMT)
  • 1996 Then and Now (Postcards)
  • 2014 Mind the Gap (Sunnyside)

With others


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