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Jerome H. Jaffe was the Drug Czar under the administration of President of the United States Richard Nixon.[1]


Under the administration of President Nixon, Jerome Jaffe was the chief of the Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention (SAODAP), an executive agency created by President Nixon, a member of the Republican Party of the United States. During his career, he popularized the use of methadone treatments for heroin addicts,[2] stating that "There was evidence that methadone treatment was effective. There were some good controlled studies." He also initiated "methadone programs, detoxification programs, and therapeutic communities."[3]

Currently, Jaffe is a clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, where he works in the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. [4] He lives in Maryland and has three delightful grandchildren.


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