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Jerome Opeña is a Filipino comic book artist best known for his numerous collaborations with writer Rick Remender.

Early life[edit]

Opeña was born in the Philippines, and spent most of his childhood in Taiwan, where his father worked for an international agricultural organization that was based there. When Opeña was approximately 16, his family moved to the United States, where he has lived ever since.[1] Opeña attended art school for four years, and graduated when he was 24 years old.[2]


After he graduated from art school, Opeña "floated around for a few years, did a lot of odd jobs here and there and the occasional illustration or concept art job", as well as some comic work.[2] Opeña began work full-time in the industry in 2005 when he met Rick Remender, with whom he has collaborated on many of his projects.[citation needed] In 2009 he drew Vengeance of the Moon Knight ongoing series with writer Gregg Hurwitz. As part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch of Marvel's titles, Opeña teamed with writer Jonathan Hickman to launch The Avengers vol. 5 series in February 2013.[3] he drew The first three issue. He drew the Infinity limited series in 2013 with writer Jonathan Hickman.[4]

In September 2019 He drew Spawn issue 300 ,issue 301, an oversized anniversary issue , with various artists. He also provided variant cover.

Personal life[edit]

Opeña lives in Brooklyn, New York City.[5]


Interior comic work includes:

Covers only[edit]


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