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Jeroo is a cross-platform educational tool for learning object oriented programming concepts. In particular, the program helps learning concepts such as objects, methods and basic control structures.[1]

The program features a GUI split in two sub-windows. In the first one, the user can type code, whereas in the second one he/she can immediately see the effect of his/her Coding. The second window shows an island populated by Jeroos. The user can instruct the Jeroos, via programming, to accomplish various actions such as moving, eating or picking up flowers.

The tool received a NEEDS "Premier Award Winner Associate Editor's Choice" in 2004.[2]

Jeroo uses many different methods to engage its students such as telling stories to them and animating execution. The program has been looked at as a very useful and efficient tool to develop experience and knowledge in Computer Programming and installing many types of code. There have also been many Computer Science competitions involving the Jeroo program and its features.


A Jeroo can do a few of things such as:

Action Code Extra info
hop hop(n); When n is an integer greater than 0, this moves the Jeroo n spaces forward.
pick pick(); Picks a flower from the Jeroo's location.
plant plant(); Plants a flower at the Jeroo's location.
turn turn(); This can turn the Jeroo left or right. turn(LEFT); or turn(RIGHT);
toss toss(); This makes the Jeroo toss a flower to the space in front of it, disabling a net.
give give(relative direction); This makes the Jeroo give a flower to a Jeroo in an adjacent space in the specified direction.

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