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Jerrold Immel

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Jerrold Immel (born 9 September 1936 in Los Angeles, California) is a United States television music composer, whose most famous works are the theme tune to the soap opera Dallas and Voyagers!.

Before moving into scoring, Immel worked as a music copyist at CBS, before getting his break into television scoring on Gunsmoke. Other programs which he has contributed music to include How the West Was Won, Hawaii Five-O, Logan's Run, Walker, Texas Ranger (through 1995 season) and Knots Landing. He has also composed music for films, including the scores to Matilda (1978), Death Hunt (1981), Sourdough (1981) and Megaforce (1982).

Television Scores (partial)[edit]

"Episode(s)" denotes the listing may be incomplete.

Year Title Info On CD?
1973-1975 Gunsmoke 27 episodes (from season 18 to season 20)
"Sarah" (first episode)
"Manolo" (finale episode)
1977 Logan's Run Two episodes:
"The Innocent"
"Half Lite"
Complete episode scores to the series available on Film Score Monthly.
Dallas 55 episodes + 2 TV movies (all seasons)
And theme music.
1979 Knots Landing 12 episodes (some co-composed with Craig Huxley) (from season 1 to the season 14 finale)
And theme music.
1982 King's Crossing "Keepers of the Ring" (Pilot) NO
1982-1983 Voyagers! 2 episodes (Season 1)
And theme music.
1985 The Twilight Zone One Episode (Season 1):
"If She Dies / Ye Gods" (segment one, "If She Dies")
1988-1990 Guns of Paradise Episode(s):
"The News from St. Louis" (pilot)
"The Holstered Gun"
"Founder's Day"
"Ghost Dance"
"The Promise"
"Childhood's End"
"A Private War"
"A Matter of Honor: Part 1"
"Squaring Off"
Season 2:
"Common Good"
"All the Pretty Little Horses"
"The Gates of Paradise"
"Avenging Angel"
"The Coward"
Season 3:
"Out of Ashes"
"The Women" (final episode)
And theme music.
1995 Walker, Texas Ranger All Episodes (season 3):
"Badge of Honor"
"Silk Dreams"
"Till Death Do Us Part"
"The Road to Black Bayou"
"Line of Fire"
"Tiger's Eye"
"Money Train"
"War Zone"
And Season 3 theme.

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