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Jerrold H. Levy, MD, FAHA, FCCM
University of Michigan
Medical School:
University of Miami
Jackson Memorial Hospital
Anesthesiology Residency:
Massachusetts General Hospital
Cardiac Anesthesiology Fellowship:
Massachusetts General Hospital
Critical Care Fellowship:
Massachusetts General Hospital
Medical career
ProfessionCardiothoracic anesthesiology
Intensive care medicine
InstitutionsEmory University Hospital
Duke University Health System

Jerrold H. Levy is an American critical care physician and cardiac anesthesiologist at Duke University Medical Center who currently serves as the Co-Director of Duke's Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit.[1] He is most noted for his research in surgical hemostasis, coagulopathy in the critically ill, shock, anaphylaxis, and developing purified and recombinant therapeutic approaches to treat bleeding. He has authored over 400 publications,[2] including scientific manuscripts, review articles, editorials, books, and book chapters. His research manuscripts are available on PubMed.[3] Additionally, he has authored a number of websites aimed at providing medical information to healthcare professionals through his website, DocMD.[4]

He has been an active member on several national committees through his involvement in the American Heart Association, International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), and American Society of Anesthesiologists. He has served on the board of directors for the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists, and is currently on the board of directors for the Foundation for the Advancement of Cardiothoracic Surgical Care.[5] He currently is an Executive Editor at Anesthesiology[6] and serves as Co-Chair for the ISTH Scientific and Standardization Committee on Perioperative Thrombosis and Hemostasis.[7]

Training and education[edit]

Jerrold Levy's original career goal was to become a research scientist. He worked in a biochemistry lab as an undergraduate when his mentor recommended that he pursue a career in medicine.[8] He went on to complete medical school at University of Miami, completed an internship in Internal Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and trained in Anesthesiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Following residency, he sub-specialized in Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Emory University[edit]

Dr. Levy served as Deputy Chair for Research and Director of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology at Emory where he also had a coagulation research laboratory. During his time at Emory, he also served on the Blood Transfusion Committee, the Human Investigations Committee, the Research Committee, and the Clinical Investigator's Advisory Council. He was actively involved in medical education and career development, serving on the Medical Student Education Committee, the Residency Evaluation Committee, and the Faculty Workshop Development Committee.

Duke University[edit]

In 2013, Dr. Levy began working at Duke with dual appointments as Professor of Anesthesiology and Associate Professor of Surgery in 2013. In addition to his role as the Co-Director of the cardiothoracic surgical intensive care unit, he also serves on the Transfusion Committee, Senior Research Council, and Cardiac Safety Research Consortium.[9]

Honors and awards[edit]



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