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Very similar to Big Boy restaurants, Jerry's was located in the Midwest and South. In 1989, most of Jerry's 46 remaining locations were converted to Denny's by the new owners, with a handful staying under the original name, usually because there was already an existing Denny's nearby. Only a dozen or so, now called Jerry's J-Boy Restaurants, are still open in Kentucky and southern Indiana.[1][2][3]

There are also currently six Jerry's Restaurants in Oklahoma,[4] Nevada and Arizona that are franchised or owned by Sunwest Restaurant Concepts, Inc.[5][6][7]


Beginning in Lexington, Kentucky, the Jerrico Corporation established its own line of family-style restaurants with the Jerry’s chain.[8] Jerrico, Inc., also created Long John Silver's, a chain of family restaurants which also began in Lexington. When the company was sold in 1989, the Long John Silver's concept had far outgrown the Jerry's chain. Long John Silver's stores were largely unaffected by this move. (Many original LJS franchisees were also operators of Jerry's locations.)

"Jerry" was founder Jerome Lederer.


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