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Jerry Busher is an American drummer and multi-instrumentalist.[1] He is known for his work with Fidelity Jones and Fugazi.


Busher played drums in Fidelity Jones from spring 1988 to spring 1990. Busher played drums with the Washington, DC rock group Elevator in 1992, which also featured John Hammill (Pussy Galore, Velvet Monkeys) and Malcolm Riviera (Gumball, Velvet Monkeys). He formed allscars in 1996 an "experimental" band that played improvised as well as structured music. allscars released 3 full-length recordings ( early/ambient, Introduction to Humanity and Lunar Magus) and toured the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. Busher played trumpet as well as samples/effects in allscars. In 1997 Busher began playing in The Spinanes with Rebecca Gates playing on the record Arches and Aisles, released on September 23, 1998. The album features guest spots and co-production by John McEntire and vocals by Sam Prekop.[1]

He served as roadie for Fugazi in the 1990s, as well as providing additional percussion and trumpet to their live performances. His percussion work is featured on the Fugazi releases The Argument and Furniture, and John Frusciante's DC EP. Frusciante met Busher while doing a series of shows in Los Angeles along with musician/collaborator Josh Klinghoffer at the Knitting Factory. Frusciante asked Busher to play drums for his DC EP, a four-song record tracked at Inner Ear Studios in Washington, DC and produced by Ian MacKaye.

In 2001, Busher formed French Toast with James Canty,[2] another multi-instrumentalist and veteran of the Washington, DC music scene. The two (along with Ben Gilligan, since 2005) switch instruments and roles depending on the needs of each song. French Toast released 2 full-length albums ( In a Cave and Ingleside Terrace ) on Dischord Records. French Toast toured the US, Canada, and Europe as a headliner as well as opening for bands such as Sleater Kinney, Modest Mouse and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In 2008, Busher played dates with Funk Ark, a DC funk band with a horn section[3] as well as singers Federico Aubele and Alfonso Velez.

In October 2013, Busher joined the Washington, DC-based glam/progressive-rock band Deathfix, replacing Devin Ocampo as drummer.[4]


The Weather Underground (film) -composer, additional music [5]