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Jerry Joseph
Born (1961-04-19) April 19, 1961 (age 61)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
GenresRock, pop, country, Americana
Occupation(s)Musician, singer, songwriter
Years active1982–present
LabelsCosmo Sex School, Sanctuary, Terminus, OuterSpace, Cavity Search, Trespass, Holladay, Earth Pig, Back Door, Response, Capricorn

Jerry Joseph (born April 19, 1961) is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

Early life[edit]

Jerry Joseph was born on April 19, 1961 in Los Angeles, California and is of Irish, Lebanese and Syrian ancestry. He grew up in the San Diego area. In high school, he began experiencing trouble and was sent by his parents to a boarding school in New Zealand, where he started playing guitar professionally at age 15. He experienced further problems with juvenile delinquency while there and was eventually deported back to the United States. He wound up in Arcata, California, where he has familial ties stretching back several generations.[1]

Little Women[edit]

While in Arcata, Joseph formed the rock/reggae band Little Women in late 1981. The band consisted of Brad Rosen on drums, Stefan Derby on bass, Eric Hellberg on keyboards and Jerry Joseph on guitar. Several guitarists(lead), including Greg Millar (1983), Steve Smith (1989), Steve Kimock (1989) and Steven James Wright (1987),replacing Darby on bass was C. Louis Butts,Jr(1983-1992). & percussionists, Ernesto Pediango (1983), Tony (1983) eventually filled the slot.

Little Women's first self-released cassette (recorded 1986-7@SaltLakeCity,UT) was Life's Just Bitchin in 1987 and featured Jerry Joseph (1981-?, vocals, guitar), C. Louis Butts Jr.(3/13/1983-8/7/1992, bass, vocals), Geoff George (1982-1992, keyboards, vocals), Gregg Freeman (1985-1989, percussion), and Brad Rosen (1981-1993, drums, vocals).

That was followed in 1990 with Pretty Wiped Out which was the first release to feature the staple Chainsaw City and had Rosen on Drums & Butts on Bass, James on guitar, and also featured David Lindley, Ian McLagan and Steve Kimock.

Little Women released a single for the Wahine Records label in 1992 of Drive b/w Milk as well as the live album, Live Radish Head(Butts on bass). In 1993 the band released Live at New Georges which was recorded in 1992 (Butts on bass), and contained North, the Jimmy Webb classic Wichita Lineman. The live band line-up (late-1992 onward) consisted of Joseph, Steve James, Greg Williams and Glen Esparza (bass).

In 2006, Joseph's Cosmo Sex School records rereleased Live Radish Head, another 1992 live set (Butts on bass,vocals).[2]

They eventually signed to Capricorn Records but were ultimately dropped after recording what would become The Welcome Hunters in 1993.[3]

Solo career and the Jackmormons[edit]

After the breakup of Little women in 1993, Joseph released The Welcome Hunters which was basically a Little Women record with James, Esparza and Gregg Williams on drums. This was the first album to contain the hit Climb To Safety which is often covered by the band Widespread Panic.

1994 brought the next Joseph solo record, Love and Happiness on Back Door Records which featured an all-new lineup of musicians, including Dave Schools on bass. The record was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

In 1996, Joseph moved to Utah and formed the band Jackmormons with bassist JR Ruppel, drummer Jim Bone and keyboard player Dave Pellicciaro. Their first album was Butte, Mont. 1879 in 1996, followed by Cotton in 1997. After a few personnel changes the band released Goodlandia and Salt Lake City and then the three-piece lineup of Joseph, Rosen and Ruppel was in place. This lineup would remain for the Jackmormons for more than a decade, including on 2001's Conscious Contact which also included Chuck Leavell (organ, piano), Randall Bramblett (organ, wurlitzer), Michael Houser (guitar), Vic Chesnutt (backing vocals), John Keane (pedal steel), John Neff (pedal steel), Todd Nance (percussion) and David Barbe (sirens), and 2003's Mouthful of Copper. In 2005, the Jackmormons released Into the Lovely which was the first record to feature Steve Drizos on drums, and included backing vocals from his wife Jenny Conlee of The Decemberists.

In parallel to the Jackmormons' career, Joseph released the solo record Everything Was Beautiful for Ulftone Records in 2000 which featured Ruppel, Rosen, Pete Droge, Ian Moore, Layng Martine III and others. Joseph's first release for Cosmo Sex School Records, a label he founded in 2003, was a duet with Danny Dzuik (credited as Dzuiks Küche), called Oil, which also featured David Lindley on the track Any Other Day. In 2004 Cherry was released on Terminus Records. 2006 brought April Nineteenth, recorded at Mississippi studios in Portland and featuring Joseph, Drizos and the return of Steve James. In 2010, the group released Badlandia, recorded in Virginia city, Montana and also featuring Conlee.

The first vinyl release on Cosmo Sex School was a 2012 Jackmormons 7" of Mile High, Mile Deep b/w a cover of Michael Houser's Airplane. In 2012 the JAckmormons released Happy Book, a 2-CD set featuring guest appearances by Conlee, her Decemberists bandmate Chris Funk, Eric Earley (Blitzen Trapper), Dan Eccles (Richmond Fontaine), Ingram, Little Sue Weaver and Paul Brainard.

In 2008, Joseph and Drizos recorded a self-titled album under the moniker The Denmark Veseys. The album, recorded in Athens, GA and released on Cosmo Sex School, features appearances from Barbe, Neff and the Chase Park Transduction Choir.[4] Soon after the pair entered the studio with multi-instrumentalist Bret Mosley to record the Charge EP at Old Soul Studio in Catskill, NY. the album was recorded live-to-tape and was the first album Joseph offered exclusively as an online download of digital tracks.[5]

Joseph and his Stockholm Syndrome bandmate Wally Ingram teamed up for 2010's Civility EP which includes covers of M.I.A.'s Paper Planes and Blitzen Trapper's Furr.

Joseph released Jerry Joseph on October 31, 2013, an album of 11 original songs, many of which are older Jackmormons, Little Women and Stockholm Syndrome songs reworked to fit his current solo acoustic aesthetic.

Stockholm Syndrome[edit]

Joseph began to use the Stockholm Syndrome moniker for a tour of Europe with Dave Schools in 2003.

The band later morphed into a 5-piece with Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools, guitarist Eric McFadden, and Ingram. They recorded Holy Happy Hour at the famed Compass Point Studios with producer Terry Manning. The album featured mostly new compositions, along with a cover of the Climax Blues Band's Couldn't Get It Right

Stockholm Syndrome toured in 2004 to support the album, while Schools' primary gig was on hiatus. Stockholm Syndrome reformed in 2010 with Gov't Mule keyboardist Danny Louis replacing Dzuik, and recorded Live at Streetlight Records during a tour stop in California, and also Apollo in 2011.


Joseph is noted for his songwriting and the depth of his "creative, cathartic" lyrics. Widespread Panic has covered seven of Joseph's songs on record, and several others live.

"Climb to Safety" has appeared on the 'Til the Medicine Takes, Live in the Classic City, Colorado Springs 1998, Wood and Choice Cuts: The Capricorn Years 1991-1999 albums.

His song "North" (co-written with Woody Harrelson) was featured in the movie The Earth Will Swallow You and later on the studio album Dirty Side Down and archival release Wilmington, DE 2001.

He later co-wrote "Second Skin" and "Time Zones" for Earth to America[6] and three compositions for the Free Somehow album, "Boom Boom Boom", "Flicker", and "Dark Day Program".[7]

He also co-authored "Yellow Ribbons" for Bloodkin with lead singer Daniel Hutchens.[8]


Artist Album title Release date Label Format(s)
Little Women Life's Just Bitchin' 1987/2017 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio EP
Little Women Pretty Wiped Out 1990/2020 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Little Women Live at New George's 1993 Live
Jerry Joseph Welcome Hunters 1993 Studio
Jerry Joseph Love and Happiness 1994 Back Door Records Studio
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Butte, Montana 1879 1996 Holladay Studio
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Cotton 1997 Holladay Studio EP
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Goodlandia 1997 Trespass Live
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Salt Lake City 1998 Holladay Studio
Jerry Joseph Everything was Beautiful 2000 Ulftone Studio
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Conscious Contact 2002 Terminus Studio
Jerry Joseph and Dziuks Kuche Oil 2003 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Mouthful of Copper 2003 Terminus Live
Stockholm Syndrome Holy Happy Hour 2004 Studio
Jerry Joseph Cherry 2004 Studio
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Into the Lovely 2005 Studio
Jerry Joseph April Nineteenth 2006 Reap and Sow Live
Little Women Live Radish Head 2006 Cosmo Sex School Records Live
The Denmark Veseys The Denmark Veseys 2008 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Stockholm Syndrome Live at Streetlight Records 2009 Live
Jerry Joseph, Bret Mosley, and Steve Drizos Charge 2009 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio EP
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Badlandia 2010 Cosmo Sex School Records Live
Jerry Joseph & Wally Ingram Civility 2010 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Stockholm Syndrome Live at Streetlight Records 2010 Cosmo Sex School Records Live EP
Stockholm Syndrome Apollo 2011 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Happy Book 2012 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Mile High, Mile Deep/Airplane 2012 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio 7"
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Happy Book/She's Going Out 2013 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio 10"
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons The Road Home 2013 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio EP
Jerry Joseph Jerry Joseph 2013 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Singin' In The Rain 2014 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Jerry Joseph Istanbul/Fog of War 2015 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Jerry Joseph By The Time Your Rocket Gets To Mars 2016 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio
Jerry Joseph Weird Blood 2017 Cosmo/Cavity Search Records Studio
Jerry Joseph Full Metal Burqa 2018 Cosmo Sex School/Cavity Search Studio
Jerry Joseph The Beautiful Madness 2020 Cosmo Sex School Records Studio



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