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For the Episcopal bishop, see Jerry Lamb (bishop).
Jerry Lamb
Chinese name 林曉峰
Chinese name 林曉峰 (traditional)
Chinese name 林晓峰 (simplified)
Born (1970-09-29) 29 September 1970 (age 46)
Hong Kong
Other name(s) Ah Lo
Spouse(s) Lily Hong (康子妮)
Children Po Lamb (林寶)

Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung (Chinese: 林曉峰) (born 29 September 1970) is a Hong Kong actor. He is also known as Lamb Hiu Fung.

He was born in Hong Kong. He is the younger brother of popular DJ, pop singer, and actor, Jan and radio personality-turned-singer Sandy. Jerry is best known to hardcore movie fans as the young lackey Pou-pan in the Young and Dangerous series. He was one of the few cast members to have been in the entire film series in the same role, including the spinoffs.

Jerry is distinguished for his nerdy looks but good attitude. An actor as well, one of his best performances is said to be seen in 1996's The Log with Michael Wong and Kent Cheng. He is married to Lily Hong with two sons.

Aside from movies, Jerry was also the co-host of the Super Trio Series, a comedy variety show on TVB Jade with Chin Kar-lok and Eric Tsang.

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