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Jerry Yudelson
BornGreenwich, Connecticut
OccupationAuthor and environmentalist
Alma materCaltech

Jerry Yudelson (born in Greenwich, Connecticut) is environmentalist, and author,[1] best known for publishing 14 green building and sustainable design books since 2006.[2][3] Yudelson’s work is focused on the long-term environmental impact that urban development has on climate change, resulting from greenhouse gas emissions caused by operating home and buildings.[4]

Academic achievements[edit]

Yudelson has a B.S. in engineering from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech),[5] an A.M. in water resources engineering from Harvard University, and a Master Of Business Administration from the University of Oregon.[6] He was a Rotary Foundation Fellow for International Understanding for his graduate studies in West Germany at the Technical University in Aachen.[5] He was a U.S. Public Health Service Trainee in environmental engineering science for Ph.D. studies at Caltech.[7]


Yudelson was a pioneer in organizing Earth Day activities in 1970 on the Caltech campus.[8] He taught some of the first university courses in the U.S. in the new field of environmental studies, while at the University of California, Santa Cruz.[9] In 1972, he organized community opposition to a proposed convention center on the Monterey Bay headlands at Lighthouse Point in Santa Cruz,[10] resulting in the cancellation of the project and eventually the creation of Lighthouse Field State Beach.[11]

Professional achievements[edit]

In 1978, California Governor Jerry Brown appointed Yudelson as director of the SolarCal Office. In 1979, SolarCal produced the first state-level solar energy development plan in the U.S.[12]

In 2007 the International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc. (ICSC) named Yudelson as its first Research Scholar for Retail Real Estate Sustainability.[13]

In 2011, Wired magazine anointed Yudelson as the "Godfather of Green".[14]

In 2014 and 2015, Yudelson served as president of the Green Building Initiative, a national nonprofit and originator of the Green Globes green building rating system.[15]


Reinventing Green Building: Why Certification Systems Aren't Working and What We Can Do About It (2016) ISBN 978-0865718159
The World's Greenest Buildings: Promise Versus Performance in Sustainable Design (2013) ISBN 978-1138409071
Dry Run: Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis (2010) ISBN 978-0865716704
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Choosing Green: The Home Buyer's Guide to Good Green Homes (2008) ISBN 978-0865716100
Green Building: A to Z (2007) ISBN 978-0865715721
The Green Building Revolution (2007) ISBN 978-1597261784
Marketing Green Building Services: Strategies for Success (2007) ISBN 978-0849393815
Developing Green: Strategies for Success (2006) ISBN 978-0971895577
The Insider’s Guide to Marketing Green Buildings. Society for Marketing Professional Services ISBN 978-0976501909


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