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Gerald "Jerry" Zandstra, is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church, serves two congregations in Michigan and is the Co-Founder of The Inno-Versity Group.[1]


Zandstra holds a Bachelor's degree from Calvin College, two Master's degrees from Calvin Theological Seminary, a Doctor of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a second doctorate from the Western Michigan University School of Public Affairs[2][3] . He has taught in several colleges and graduate schools, focusing mostly on economics and leadership. He currently teaches in the MBA program at Cornerstone University. He has published articles in newspapers throughout the United States and has traveled the world extensively. Zandstra was also an advisor to the Kenyan Constitutional Committee.

In the past he preached at Wayland CRC and Hillside Community Church. He has now been installed as the full-time minister at Wayland Christian Reformed Church.[4]

Zandstra played the character Reverend Jerry Wells in The Genesis Code,[5] produced by American Epic Entertainment, of which he is the president.

Zandstra has been heavily involved education and has been a part of creating several charter schools in Michigan. He also has co-founded Inno-Versity, a eLearning company that provides training to companies throughout the world. Within this company, Zandstra offers his clients business and political consultancy services and is considered by some the prime example of a modern Renaissance man.[6]

Zandstra grew up in Highland, Indiana and is also married and has three sons and one granddaughter.[3]


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