Jerry and the Lion

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Jerry and the Lion
Tom and Jerry series
Reissue title card
Directed byWilliam Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Produced byFred Quimby
Story byWilliam Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Voices byFrank Graham
Paul Frees
William Hanna
Billy Bletcher
Music byScott Bradley
Animation byIrven Spence
Ed Barge
Kenneth Muse
Ray Patterson
StudioMGM Cartoons
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s)April 8, 1950
September 1957 (re-release)
Color processTechnicolor
Perspecta (reissue)
Running time7:04
Preceded byTexas Tom
Followed bySafety Second

Jerry and the Lion is a 1950 one-reel animated cartoon and is the 50th Tom and Jerry short. It was produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on April 8, 1950 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. The cartoon was animated by Irven Spence, Ed Barge, Kenneth Muse, and Ray Patterson. It was directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, and produced by Fred Quimby. Scott Bradley arranged the music, Robert Gentle did the backgrounds, and Frank Graham provided the (uncredited) voice of the lion that befriends Jerry in the cartoon.


Tom is listening to music on the radio, but hears a crash from the kitchen, where he sees Jerry stealing food from the fridge. When Tom tries to stop Jerry, Jerry squeezes a tomato into Tom's face. Jerry runs toward his mousehole; but when Tom closes the door, the mouse sneaks through his own mousehole door, and squeezes another tomato into the cat's face. When Tom returns to his chair and radio, a news bulletin then comes and announces that a ferocious runaway lion has escaped from the circus, warning everyone to close their windows and doors.

Tom frantically closes all the windows, puts a couch in front of the door, and grabs a gun and safari hat to defend himself. Tom tips over a table and hides behind it, while Jerry, who overheard the warning, sees someone hiding in the shadows, and screams in fear. But before he can break away or even try to do anything, the runaway lion grabs him and befriends Jerry, asking Jerry to help him get back to the jungle, as he hates the calliope music and the sound of popcorn bags. Jerry agrees, and after the lion thanks him, he admits he is hungry.

Jerry and the lion sneak to the kitchen, but as Jerry picks out some ham, Tom spots him. Tom stops Jerry with his gun, takes the ham, and catches Jerry by his tail. The lion, hiding behind a curtain, eats the ham in one bite, and when Tom hears it crunching and nervously points the gun at the curtain, Jerry raises the gun, causing it to go off at the ceiling. Jerry then acts like he has been shot and hits the floor. Tom, horrified, believing he shot Jerry, runs off, with Jerry and the lion running in the opposite direction.

Tom returns with a first aid kit, but finds that Jerry is nowhere to be found. Tom looks for the lion, but finds Jerry in another room, with the lion perched on a lamp. Tom points the gun at Jerry, causing Jerry to start throwing punches. When Tom grabs Jerry and sticks his chin out as if to say "Come on, give it your best shot", the lion obligingly raises his paw and punches Tom right in the chin, sending Tom flying halfway across the room where he crashes through the chimney stack, then down into the fireplace with bricks crashing down on him. Jerry and the lion then hide in an umbrella holder. Tom grabs an umbrella and opens it, causing the lion (who was somehow hiding inside it) to fall on him, flattening the cat.

The lion and Jerry then hide in a closet, with Tom following, closing the door with an evil laugh and locking himself in and tossing away the key. Almost immediately, sounds of battle issue from behind the locked door. After much screaming and frantic efforts to escape, Tom is launched across the room with the door. Jerry then comes out and gives Tom a mean look. Intimidated, Tom crashes through the wall and runs away, with Jerry and the lion shaking hands. Jerry then helps the lion onto a ship for the African Jungle, where they tearfully bid each other goodbye. Jerry sobs a little bit to see his new friend leave, but he is happy that he helped.

Voice cast[edit]

All uncredited:


  • When Jerry, overhearing the warning, comes out from hiding in a teapot and sees a pair of glasses hiding in the shadows, he screams in fear. Jerry's scream should have caused a mouth that came in contact with it to open up and roar at Jerry.



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