Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm

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Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm
Atlantic-Jersey Wind Farm.jpg
Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm is located in Atlantic County, New Jersey
Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm
Location of Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm in New Jersey
Country United States
Location Atlantic County Utilities Authority Wastewater Treatment Facility, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Coordinates 39°22′53″N 74°26′51″W / 39.38139°N 74.44750°W / 39.38139; -74.44750Coordinates: 39°22′53″N 74°26′51″W / 39.38139°N 74.44750°W / 39.38139; -74.44750
Status Operational
Commission date March 2006
Construction cost US$12.5 million
Owner(s) Jersey-Atlantic Wind, LLC
Wind farm
Type onshore
Hub height 262 ft (80 m)
Rotor diameter 240 ft (73 m)
Rated wind speed 13–15 mph (21–24 km/h)
Power generation
Units operational 5 x 1.5 MW
Make and model General Electric
Nameplate capacity 7.5 MW

The Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm in Atlantic City, in Atlantic County, New Jersey, is the first coastal wind farm in the United States and the first wind farm in New Jersey. It became operational in March 2006[1] and consists of five 1.5 MW turbines built by General Electric. Each wind turbine reaches a height of 380 feet (120 m).[2][3]

The wind farm is located at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) Wastewater Treatment Plant on U.S. Route 30 and is visible from highways approaching Atlantic City. The treatment plant uses approximately 50% of the wind-generated capacity from the wind turbines, providing about 60% of the wastewater plant's electricity needs, with the remaining energy being provided to the main power grid for resale as premium renewable electricity.

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