Jersey International Air Display

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Jersey International Air Display
Jersey air display spectators in 2012.JPG
Crowds watch the display in 2012.
Genremilitary and civilian air show
VenueJersey Airport
Location(s)Jersey, Channel Islands

The Jersey International Air Display is an air show which is held every year on the island of Jersey, in the Channel Islands. It normally consists of one air display and two static displays - one at the airport and one in a park in St. Helier.

It is a non-profit making event, and relies upon sponsorship and government funding.[2] The main display can be watched by the public, free of charge.

Some of the aircraft carry out displays over Guernsey, as part of the Guernsey Air Display (formerly the Guernsey Battle of Britain Air Display), on the same day.[3]


The Red Arrows performing during the 2009 show.

Regular performers include the Red Arrows, RAF Falcons parachute display team, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.[4]

Notable appearances include;


HMS Ocean anchored off St. Helier during the 2009 show.

In 1997, Mike Higgins became the display organiser.[7]

In 2009, HMS Ocean (L12) was present, and participated in the event.[8]

The 2011 air display was canceled, due to poor visibility, shortly before it was due to start.[9] Most aircraft which were due to take part had already arrived on the island.

Accidents and incidents related to air show[edit]

  • September 1991: The Hawker Hurricane IIC LF363 suffered an engine failure en route to Jersey and crash landed at RAF Wittering.[10]
  • 6 September 2006: A privately owned T-33 crashed on take-off close to the Imperial War Museum Duxford, on its way to the Jersey show.[11]
  • 10 September 2003: A Harrier jet experienced hydraulic problems shortly before landing at Jersey Airport.[12]
  • 9 September 2003: A Hawk overshot the runway while landing at Jersey Airport in advance of an air display. Minor damage was caused to the aircraft.[13]


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