Jersey Milk

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Jersey Milk
Neilson Jersey Milk Wrapper.jpg
Product type Confectionery
Country Canada
Introduced 1924
Related brands List of Neilson Dairy products
List of Cadbury products
Markets Canada, United States

Jersey Milk is a chocolate bar consisting of solid milk chocolate. It has a white wrapper with gold writing. The Jersey Milk chocolate bar was introduced in 1924.[1] Originally produced by Neilson Dairy, production was transferred to Cadbury’s when Neilson sold the Cadbury’s product lines that Neilson had acquired in 1987 back to Cadbury’s in 1996, but Jersey Milk packages continue to bear the Neilson brand as of June 2016.[2]

As of April 2016, the only package of Jersey Milk listed on the Snack Works web site is a 700 gram package of Jersey Milk Miniatures,[3] although the Canadian Favourites web site lists a 180 gram pack of four 45 gram bars,[4] London Drugs offers 45 gram bars,[5] and offers a 100 gram bar.[6]

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