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Jersey Tomato vol. 2 (live at the Metlar Bodine Museum)
Echolyn Jersey Tomato.jpg
Live album by Echolyn
Released March 2003
Genre Progressive rock
Length 118:04
Echolyn chronology
Jersey Tomato
The End Is Beautiful
(2005)The End Is Beautiful2005
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
ProgArchives 3.60/5.0 stars[1]

Jersey Tomato vol. 2 (live at the Metlar Bodine Museum) is a live album by progressive rock band Echolyn. It is available as a digital download (from the band's official website), but had only a limited physical release of 100 CD-R copies, printed by the band. Thirty-five of these went free to those fans who paid $50 to attend the show in question. The remaining 65 copies were sold via the band's official mailing list. The release was signed by all the current members of the band. There are no plans to re-issue this album in any form but it can be downloaded in full for free from the official echolyn website.

The "Jersey Tomato" is subtitled "Volume 2" - as there were four shows recorded on the mei tour. Volume 1 is from NEARfest 2002 (unreleased), Volume 3 is from Orion Sound Studios (unreleased) whereas Volume 4 has been released on DVD as Stars and Gardens.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. "67 Degrees" (7:33)
  2. "Brittany" (10:29)
  3. "Suffocating the Bloom" (4:32)
  4. "As the World" (6:59)
  5. "The Cheese Stands Alone" (5:49)
  6. "Sweet Thing" (16:31)
  7. "Never the Same" (8:28)
  8. "Carpe Diem 2000" (7:29)
  • Also performed at the show, but not released on this set, were a Brett Kull solo song ("All the Rage") and a Ray Weston solo song ("Charles Bronson"). They were never taken off of the master discs.

Disc two[edit]

  1. "mei" (50:23)

Band members[edit]

Guest Musicians[edit]

  • Thomas Hyatt – bass (CD 1; tracks 4-6)
  • Jesse Reyes – bass (CD 1; track 8)

This was Jesse Reyes' first live show with echolyn since 1991. He played bass on "Carpe Diem 2000" and "All the Rage".

Recorded and mixed by Joe Stout

Mixed and mastered by Brett Kull


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