2007 Jersey constable election

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Constable elections in 2007[edit]

Constable elections are normally for a period of three years. From 2008, all Constables will be elected on a single day, all terms will be cut short to allow for this.[1] Thus all elections in 2007 are for a period until that date.

Terms expiring in 2007[edit]


Constable of St Peter[edit]

Nominations Date: 14 June 2007


Constable of Grouville[edit]

Election Date: 25 July 2007[3]


Turnout 53.2%,[5] Spoilt Papers

Constable of St Saviour[edit]

Nominations Date: 25 July 2007


Constable of St Clement[edit]

Constable of St Helier[edit]

Election took place 9 January 2008 (Crowcroft win)

Two candidates:

  • Alvin Aaron, JDA candidate[6]
  • Simon Crowcroft (incumbent Constable), Independent[7]


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