Jerusalem Binyanei HaUma Railway Station

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Jerusalem Binyanei HaUma Railway Station
Construction of the underground railway station
Platforms 4
Connections Buses from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station and light rail stop
Structure type Underground
Depth 80m
Platform levels 3
Opened Expected in March 2018[1]

Jerusalem Binyanei HaUma Railway Station (Hebrew: תחנת הרכבת בנייני האומה‎‎, Tahanat HaRakevet Binyenei HaUma) is a future railway station on the future high-speed railway to Jerusalem near Binyanei HaUma in Jerusalem, Israel. The station is currently under construction and will be mostly underground, 60–80 m deep. As part of a major public transportation hub, it is located adjacent to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station as well as next to a station serving current and future lines of the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Construction of the station's foundations began in 2007, after the company Ramat beat Terre Armee, Ram Engineering and Linom in a tender to excavate the station's lower level and underground platforms at the cost of NIS 83 million.[2] Ramat's excavation was halted for an extended period of time due to financial problems at the company and was restarted in early 2010. As of Summer 2013, most of the station's basic underground structure is nearly complete and in June of that year, Israel Railways published a follow-up tender for the completion of the underground facilities, the above-ground entry atrium, plus the supply and installation of mechanical and electrical systems – with an anticipated overall completion date in 2018.[1]

The station's total floorspace will be 26,000 m2,[2] and the length of the platforms will be 300 m.[3] The station is set to double as a shelter in case of a conventional, biological or chemical attack, being able to provide refuge for 5,000 people.[4]

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Coordinates: 31°47′17.59″N 35°12′8.78″E / 31.7882194°N 35.2024389°E / 31.7882194; 35.2024389