Jerusalem District

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Jerusalem District
Israel District of Israel
- transcription(s)
 • Hebrew מחוז ירושלים
 • Arabic منطقة اورشليم (القدس)
Jerusalem District in Israel (+disputed hatched) (semi-Israel areas hatched).svg
Cities 2
Local Councils 3
Regional Councils 1
Capital Jerusalem
 • Total 652 km2 (252 sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total 1,083,300
ISO 3166 code IL-JM
The route from Jerusalem to Ashdod.

The Jerusalem District (Hebrew: מחוז ירושלים‎; Arabic: منطقة اورشليم (القدس)‎) is one of six administrative districts of Israel. The district capital is Jerusalem. The Jerusalem District has a land area of 652 km². The population of 1,083,300 is 66.6% Jewish and 31.8% Arab[1]. A fifth (21%) of the Arabs in Israel live in the Jerusalem District, which includes both East and West Jerusalem.[2] Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem has not been recognized by the international community.[3]

The majority of Arabs in the Jerusalem District are Palestinians, eligible for citizenship under Israeli law, but non-citizens by collective choice. The minority are Israeli Arabs living in Abu Ghosh, Beit Safafa and East Jerusalem, where Israeli Arab professionals have settled since the late 1970s, mainly for the provision of legal and other services to the local population.[4] The non-Jewish population is 28.3% Muslims, 1.8% Christians and 1.4% unclassified by religion.[5]

Administrative sub-regions[edit]

Cities Local Councils Regional Councils

The Jerusalem Municipality, including East Jerusalem and other annexed parts of the West Bank, constituted with 125 km² about 19% of the Jerusalem District in 2008.[6]

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Coordinates: 31°45′N 35°00′E / 31.750°N 35.000°E / 31.750; 35.000