Jerusalem Malha Railway Station

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Jerusalem Malha Railway Station
תחנת הרכבת ירושלים מלחה
Israel Railways
Malha train station in Jerusalem.JPG
Jerusalem Station Map.JPG
Location Jerusalem, Israel
Coordinates 31°44.885′N 35°11.252′E / 31.748083°N 35.187533°E / 31.748083; 35.187533Coordinates: 31°44.885′N 35°11.252′E / 31.748083°N 35.187533°E / 31.748083; 35.187533
Platforms 2
Tracks 4
Platform levels 3
Disabled access Yes
Opened June, 2005
Tel Aviv – Jerusalem line
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Tel Aviv HaShalom
Tel Aviv HaHagana
to Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan
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Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Jerusalem Malha
Jerusalem (Khan)

Jerusalem Malha Railway Station is the main Israel Railways station in Jerusalem. The station is located in the southern neighborhood of Malha, across from the Jerusalem Shopping Mall, Jerusalem Arena and Teddy Stadium.


Passengers hall (2013)

Jerusalem Malha is the current terminus of the line. The other Jerusalem station is Biblical Zoo which is served by limited stops. Jerusalem Malha was opened on April 9, 2005, when the historic Tel Aviv–Jerusalem line was restored after being out of service for six years. The line underwent a major renovation, including the laying of new tracks. Jerusalem Malha replaced the historic Jerusalem Railway Station near the Old City as the terminus of the line, which was not restored due to the objections of area residents over train noise. Malha station is located relatively far from the city's center and travel time to it from Tel Aviv is relatively long due to the historic Tel Aviv–Jerusalem railway's serpentine 19th century era route through the Judean mountains. Currently, a brand new high-speed rail line is being constructed from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which will terminate at a new underground station nearby the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, which is located much closer to the city's center as well as offering easy access to the Jerusalem Light Rail. The new rail line is expected to open in 2018. There are conceptual plans to someday connect the line from the new underground station to Jerusalem Malha.

Since February 5, 2006, intercity bus routes to Gush Etzion and the Hebron area stop at Jerusalem Malha Train Station on their way from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station to their destination via Begin Boulevard.


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