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Jerusalem University College against the background of the trees on Mount Zion Cemetery (2009)

Jerusalem University College, founded in 1957 and formerly known as the American Institute of Holy Land Studies, is an independent undergraduate and graduate academic institution in Israel used by a consortium of 85 North American theological seminaries and Christian colleges and universities, as well as schools from Africa and Asia. Students from non-consortium schools, including Christian and secular Universities, who meet the entrance requirements also attend.

JUC has an independent two-year graduate program of courses leading to the degrees of Master of Arts in Biblical History, Geography, Middle Eastern Cultures and Religions. For consortium students, it offers a graduate or undergraduate semester or year abroad (in Israel), as well as shorter two and three week courses.

The school's curriculum falls "within the framework of the conservative evangelical Christian thought as represented by the members schools of the consortium," [1]--these schools include a wide range of Protestant traditions. JUC is accredited by the Asian Theological Association (ATA) and is an international affiliate of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities [2]

The campus is located on Mount Zion outside the Old City of Jerusalem near the Jaffa Gate and overlooks the Hinnom Valley (Valley of Gehenna). Since 1967, the school's campus has been the grounds of the Bishop Gobat School (est. 1847 by Samuel Gobat), which moved in 1853 in the building erected on unused reserve land of the Protestant Mount Zion Cemetery. The cemetery is only reached through the campus. The company that operates Jerusalem University College has an office in Rockford, Illinois.


Two of Jerusalem University College's masters programs were accredited by the Asia Theological Association in 2003 and 2008-2013.[3] According to the JUC website, in the United States, JUC is recognized as a 501(c) organization, registered in Illinois and originally chartered in Minnesota in 1957.[4] Jerusalem University College is not accredited by any American accreditation agency.[citation needed]

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