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The Jerwood Foundation is an independent grant-making foundation in the United Kingdom. In 1999 the Jerwood Foundation established the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, a registered charity under English law.[1]


The Jerwood Foundation was established in 1977 by Alan Grieve for John Jerwood, an international businessman and philanthropist. Since Jerwood's death in 1991 it has been administered by Grieve. The Jerwood Foundation is a patron of the arts.

The Foundation has made strategic capital grants reflecting its support for the arts and education. In 2012 the Foundation placed the Jerwood Collection of 20th and 21st Century works of art in the public domain on display in the Jerwood Gallery[2] in Hastings.

Other capital grants made by the foundation include:

TS John Jerwood at Bangor


Prizes funded by the Foundation include the Jerwood Award, the Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwood Painting Prize and the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize.

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