Jerzy Bitschan

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Jerzy (Jurek) Bitschan (November 29, 1904 – November 21, 1918) was one of the youngest Polish defenders of Lwów, over which in late 1918 a Polish-Ukrainian conflict ensued.

Bitschan was only 14 years old, when on November 21, 1918, he died from Ukrainian shells, exploding on the Łyczakowski Cemetery. Between November 20 and November 21, 1918, he guarded the Cemetery, fighting the Ukrainians. His mother, Aleksandra Zagorska, creator of Ochotnicza Legia Kobiet, also participated in the conflict, but in a different location. Bitschan was buried on the Cemetery of Defenders of Lwów; after his death, several poems dedicated to him were written.

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