Jesús María Cavanna

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Rev. Fr. Jesús María Cavanna y Manso, C.M., was a Catholic priest from the order of the Congregation of the Mission, more commonly known as the Vincentian Fathers. He was the author of Rizal's Unfading Glory published in 1956, a documentary of Jose Rizal's conversion to Catholicism. Another book Fr. Cavanna wrote is the Basic Christian Doctrine (1982).

Fr. Cavanna was of Filipino-Spanish heritage. He often spoke in English and Spanish but he was also very fluent in Tagalog (Philippines' national language), and Latin. He spent his last years as a formator, spiritual advisor and teacher to Vincentian Seminarians in Quezon City.

Fr. Cavanna died in San Juan De Dios Hospital in 1994. He was a well loved and respected member of the Vincentian family.