Jesenské, Rimavská Sobota District

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Jesenské - Kostol Reformovanej cirkvi.jpg
The Reformed Church in Jesenské
Country Slovakia
Region Banská Bystrica
District Rimavská Sobota
Elevation 186 m (610 ft)
Coordinates 48°18′N 20°04′E / 48.300°N 20.067°E / 48.300; 20.067Coordinates: 48°18′N 20°04′E / 48.300°N 20.067°E / 48.300; 20.067
Area 17.139332 km2 (6.62 sq mi)
Population 2,193 (2011)
Density 128/km2 (332/sq mi)
First mentioned 1274
Postal code 980 02
Area code +421-47
Car plate RS
Location of Jesenské in Slovakia
Location of Jesenské in the Banská Bystrica Region
Statistics: MOŠ/MIS

Jesenské (Hungarian: Feled) is a village and municipality in the Rimavská Sobota District of the Banská Bystrica Region of southern Slovakia.[1]


The first mention is from 1274. In 1424, the village is noticed as property of the Feledys. As early as the Middle Ages, the village was important agricultural centre of the region. In 1553 was the village pilleged. From 1938 to 1945, it belonged to Hungary. Jesenské had been in 20th century seat of the Jesenské District.

Economy and infrastructure[edit]

Municipal office had been built in 1936. The village is important railway crossroad, as the Bratislava-Košice line crosses with a Jesenské-Tisovec line. In 2012 small reconstruction of the village center began.[2] In 1922 a football club was established, which is one of the best sport clubs in the village.[3]

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Genealogical resources[edit]

The records for genealogical research are available at the state archive "Statny Archiv in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia"

  • Roman Catholic church records (births/marriages/deaths): 1768-1878 (parish A)
  • Reformated church records (births/marriages/deaths): 1786-1878 (parish B)

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