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Jessé Farias de Lima (born 16 February 1981) is a Brazilian high jumper. His personal best jump is 2.32 metres, achieved in September 2008 in Lausanne. This is the current Brazilian record.[1]

Major competitions record[edit]

Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing  Brazil
1999 South American Championships Bogotá, Colombia 5th 2.15 m
Pan American Junior Championships Tampa, United States 1st 2.21 m
South American Junior Championships Concepción, Chile 1st 2.09 m
2000 Ibero-American Championships Rio de Janeiro, Brazil NM
South American Junior Championships São Leopoldo, Brazil 1st 2.09 m
World Junior Championships Santiago, Chile 4th 2.18 m
2001 South American Championships Manaus, Brazil 1st 2.20 m
Universiade Beijing, China 10th 2.20 m
2002 Ibero-American Championships Guatemala City, Guatemala 2nd 2.23 m
2003 South American Championships Barquisimeto, Venezuela 2nd 2.22 m
Pan American Games Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 6th 2.16 m
2004 Ibero-American Championships Huelva, Spain 2nd 2.21 m
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 17th (q) 2.25 m
2006 Ibero-American Championships Ponce, Puerto Rico 1st 2.24 m
World Cup Athens, Greece 6th 2.15 m[2]
South American Championships Tunja, Colombia 1st 2.28 m
2007 South American Championships São Paulo, Brazil 1st 2.24 m
Pan American Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4th 2.24 m
World Championships Osaka, Japan 13th 2.21 m
2008 Ibero-American Championships Iquique, Chile 1st 2.20 m
Olympic Games Beijing, China 10th 2.20 m
2009 South American Championships Lima, Peru 1st 2.16 m
World Championships Berlin, Germany 14th (q) 2.27 m


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