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Jesse Barish is a musician composer, most notable for composing the songs "Count On Me" for Jefferson Starship and "Hearts", "Atlanta Lady (Something About Your Love)", and "Do It for Love" for Marty Balin, former lead vocalist of Jefferson Starship.[1]

He played flute with the seminal experimental band The Orkustra in San Francisco in the mid-1960s and played flute with John Phillips on Phillips' Wolf King of L.A. tour. In 1971, Barish was signed to Shelter Records by Denny Cordell and released the album Jesse, Wolff and Whings with guitarist Billy Wolff and drummer Kevin Kelley, who played with The Byrds and Rising Sons.

Landing in Marin County, California in the early 1970s, Barish became friends with Marty Balin who recorded "Count on Me" with Jefferson Starship and in 1981 had a hit with the song "Hearts" on Balin's first solo release Balin on EMI America Records. Balin got Barish signed to RCA Records in the late 1970s and produced the first album Jesse Barish and co-produced the second album Mercury Shoes with John Hug.

Since then Barish has been living in Venice Beach, recorded several CDs produced by Jeff Pescetto, and continued to write songs and stay active in the world of music.

As the protégé to Marty Balin in the 1970s, they coproduced music together after Balin split with Jefferson Starship to go solo, and in 1981, Barish wrote the song “Hearts” for him to perform for his new album. The song has been so popular that it’s been covered by numerous musicians. Later in 2008, this song was released on Jesse Barish’s album “Farther Sun”, with a \intimate acoustic guitar instrumentation compared to Balin’s.

Jesse Barish’s album Flute Salad is one with a ‘new age’ musical feel, and was done with the collaboration of Jeff Pescetto and licensed through Void Echo Records. The album features Barish on flute, alto flute, and bass flute and Pescetto's playing other instruments.


  • Jesse Barish
  • Mercury Shoes
  • Cherry Road
  • Selling Fire in July
  • Nine Days from Nowhere
  • Farther Sun
  • Restless Soul
  • Flute Salad
  • Wheel Keep Turning


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