Jesse James Is a Dead Man

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Jesse James is a Dead Man is an American TV series features motorcycle customizer Jesse James doing ostensibly death-defying stunts. The title is a play on the name of the outlaw Jesse James.

The show premiered on Spike on May 31, 2009. "Quest for 200 MPH", the last episode to be aired as of August 2010, ran in September 2009.[1]


  1. Nitro Bike
  2. Jesse James vs. The Cops
  3. Arctic Bike Journey
  4. Figure 8 World Championships
  5. Baja 500
  6. Jesse James vs. The Internet
  7. Sidecar Racing
  8. Desert Hare Scramble
  9. Reno Air Race
  10. Quest for 200 MPH

Comic book[edit]

Marvel Comics released a one-shot comic book based on the show.[2]


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