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Jesse S. Greever
Born April 22, 1976
Hannibal, MO
Genre Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Literary Fiction, Christian Nonfiction
Notable works Learning to Give in a Getting World, "A Summer Wedding", "Rumspringa"

Jesse Scot Greever (born 1976, in Hannibal, Missouri) is an American author of literary short stories, many of which have graced international bestseller lists.[1]


Jesse Scot Greever was born on April 22, 1976 in Hannibal, Missouri. His family moved to Chillicothe, Missouri when he was two years old. He attended, and eventually graduated from Chillicothe High School, where he exhibited great interest in science, mathematics, theatre, music and writing. Upon graduating with his high school diploma, he enrolled at Southwest Missouri State University as a pre-med student. Ultimately, he abandoned pre-med and he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1998. He continued his education in the Chemistry Department at the University of Missouri where he earned his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 2005.

During his tenure at the University of Missouri, he took a position coordinating a laser technology program for Linn State Technical College (the state technical college of Missouri) in 2002. In 2006, he moved to Washington, DC, where he worked at the Naval Research Laboratory in the Optical Sciences Division. Two years later, he moved to the Dallas, Texas area, where he took a position with Spectra-Physics Lasers (a Division of Newport Corporation).

All throughout his professional career, Greever constantly honed his writing craft, authoring dozens of short stories and works of flash fiction. However, he was unable to find a market for his writing until 2010, when he wrote the flash fiction story "A Summer Wedding". Published in May 2010 by digital publisher Untreed Reads, "A Summer Wedding" has reached the top of international bestseller lists for short stories.[2][3][4][5] "A Summer Wedding" was later translated into Spanish under the title "Una boda de verano", and has remained in the Top 100 Spanish-Language eBooks at Barnes & Noble (which includes full-length works as well as short stories),[6] as well as maintaining the Number 1 Bestseller position at Sony eBookstore for Spanish Language eBooks.[7]

In 2010, Greever also released the short stories "5" and "The Annex". In 2011, Greever released another eBook short story, "Collisions", which received 4.25 out of 5.00 stars from Night Owl Reviews.[8][9] In early 2012, Greever's short story "Rumspringa", spent a month-long period on Amazon's eBook Short Story Top 100 list, making it his most successful release to date.[10]

In December 2011, Greever released Learning to Give in a Getting World with co-author Marc R. Farnell, Jr.[11] This marked his first full-length book, as well as his first traditional paperback publication, and dealt with the topic of sacrificial giving in the Christian church.

In addition to his writing, Greever maintains an active blog where he has interviewed a number of authors, including New York Times bestselling author F. Paul Wilson.[12]



  • Learning to Give in a Getting World, co-authored with Marcus R. Farnell, Jr. (2011), ISBN 978-1-4680-0140-2

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