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Jessica Benton (born 1948) is a British actress, mainly known for her role as Elizabeth Onedin/Frazer/Fogarty in the BBC series The Onedin Line.

Benton had some minor roles on TV such as Z-Cars in 1970, and The Juggler of Notre Dame (1970). She also appeared in Upstairs, Downstairs (1971) as Lady Cynthia Cartwright in the episode "The Path of Duty", The Duchess of Duke Street (1976) as Eleanor Prentice in the episode "A Lesson in Manners", and Thomas & Sarah (1979) playing Grace Laughton in the episode "Birds of a Feather".

With the conclusion of The Onedin Line Benton's career as a television actor largely ended. There was one last foray into bustles and corsets in a drama-documentary shot in Austria in which she played Queen Anne.[1] Benton also did a selection of plays at Salisbury Playhouse.

Anne Stallybrass and Peter Gilmore, with whom she co-starred in The Onedin Line, remained lifelong friends and Stallybrass is Benton's daughter's godmother.[1]


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