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Lurie appearing with the Tiptons at Bumbershoot 2008.

Jessica Lurie is an American composer, performance artist and woodwind player,[1] originally hailing from Seattle and now living in Brooklyn, New York.[2]

Lurie first gained notice as a member of The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, an all-female horn ensemble who released its first album in 1993.[3] In 1995, she also had a first release with the group Living Daylights, which performs jazz-jamband music.[4][5] She has also performed as the leader of the Jessica Lurie Ensemble since 2002.[6]

Jessica has performed, toured or recorded with international artists such as Bill Frisell, The Indigo Girls, Vinicio Capossela, Marc Ribot, Marty Ehrlich, Wayne Horvitz, Sleater-Kinney, Circus Amok, Les Claypool, Nels Cline, Mike Clark, and Great Small Works, among others.[citation needed] Lurie started her music label Zipa!Music in 2000.

Jessica's touring groups include jazz and alternative music artists. Her current New York line-up features Todd Sickafoose on acoustic bass (best known for his work with Ani DiFranco), Allison Miller on drums (Natalie Merchant) and Erik Deutsch on keyboard.[citation needed] Other regular guests include Scott Amendola (drums, Madeline Peyroux), Jon Evans (bass, Tori Amos), Nels Cline (guitar, Wilco) and Julie Wolf (piano, Ani diFranco) as well as Italian musicians Zeno de Rossi (drums), Danilo Gallo (bass) and Giorgio Pacorig (piano).

She has composed music for several films: Strange Frame (animation); "No Sleep Won't Kill You" (2010) by Croatian filmmaker Marko Mestrovic co-scored with composer Abraham Gomez-Delgado.; "Fibonacci Bread" short animation by Croatian artist Danijel Zezelj


  • Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet: Saxhouse (1993 Spoot & Zipa Music)
  • Living Daylights: "Falling Down Laughing" (1995 Liquid City)
  • BTMSQ: Box (1996 New World Records)
  • The Posies: Amazing Disgrace (1996 Geffen Records)
  • BTMSQ & Ne Zhdali: Pollo d'Oro (1997 No Man's Land)
  • Living Daylights: 500 Pound Cat (1998 Liquid City)
  • BTMSQ: Sunshine Bundtcake (2000 New World Records)
  • Jessica Lurie: Motorbison Serenade (2000 Zipa Music)
  • Living Daylights: Electric Rosary (2000 Liquid City)[7]
  • Billies: Short Cuts (2003 Spoot & Zipa)
  • Jessica Lurie Ensemble: !Zipa Buka! (2003 Zipa Music)
  • Living Daylights: Night of the Living Daylights (2004 Living Daylights)
  • Tiptons: Tsunami (2004 No Man's Land/Spoot & Zipa)
  • Tiptons: Surrounded by Horns (2004 Stockfisch)
  • Jessica Lurie and Andrew Drury Duo: This is what its like to be (2005 Zipa Music)
  • Tiptons: Drive (2005 Spoot & Zipa)
  • Jessica Lurie: Licorice and Smoke (2006 Zipa Music )
  • The Tiptons Sax Quartet: Laws Of Motion (2008 Spoot & Zipa)
  • Jessica Lurie Ensemble: Shop of Wild Dreams (2009 Zipa Music )
  • Jessica Lurie Ensemble: Megaphone Heart (2012 Zipa Music )

With Eyvind Kang

With Jon Madof's Zion80


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