Jessica Mae Stover

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Jessica Mae Stover
Jessica Mae Stover at a photocall in Los Angeles.jpg
Stover at a photocall in Los Angeles
Born Jescamae Stover
Shenandoah, Virginia
Occupation Motion picture director, screenwriter, actor, author
Years active 2001–present
Awards WebVisionary Award
Artemis Eternal

Jessica Mae Stover of Virginia is a motion picture auteur director, screenwriter and actor as well as an author and Millennial generation philosopher. She is best known for the motion picture project Artemis Eternal[1] and the associated movie start-up, her books Aidmheil, Greyfeather, A Millennial Proposal, Astral Fall, and a show with an audience of five million behind the world's largest walled garden on AOL, Jessica's Crush.


Appearance and identification[edit]

Jessica Mae Stover at a public appearance for Artemis Eternal

Despite sometimes appearing in personally designed "uniforms," Jessica Mae Stover is frequently not recognized by press and fans, even at her own events. She has remarked that this effect is "somewhat intentional." The following three photos to the left were captured in the same week and illustrate the drastic differences that often reside in her outward appearance, leading to difficulties in recognizing the artist off-screen.[2][3]

Stover pictured with Chris Pine at the Hollywood Awards in Beverly Hills, CA


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