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Jessica Oyelowo
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Jessica Oyelowo at the 30th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards
BornJessica Watson
1977 (age 40–41)
David Oyelowo (m. 1998)

Jessica Oyelowo (née Watson; born 1977) is an English actress.[1]

Early life[edit]

She was born Jessica Watson in Ipswich and spent her childhood in Suffolk.[1] She attended Woodbridge School as a child and was a member of the National Youth Music Theatre.[1]


In 2006, she starred as Detective Sergeant Alex Jones[1] in Mayo and went on to appear in Murphy's Law alongside James Nesbitt, in 2007.[2] She provided the voice of Mrs. Equiano (alongside her husband as Olaudah Equiano) in Grace Unshackled – The Olaudah Equiano Story, a radio play adapting Equiano's autobiography The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano. This was first broadcast on BBC 7 on 8 April 2007.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Oyelowo resides in Tarzana in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California with her husband, actor David Oyelowo. They met while attending drama school.[4][1] They have four children.[4][5][6] They formerly resided in Brighton, England.[1]

Both she and her husband are committed Christians.[4]

As the wife of a Nigerian Yoruba prince, she is entitled to use the traditional style Oloori as a pre-nominal honorific. She currently doesn't make use of this style, however.




Short films[edit]

  • "Big Guy" (2009) as Bear Vendor
  • "Rahab" (2011) as Rahab

Stage work[edit]


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