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Jessica Straus
Born Jessica Suzanne Straus
November 14, 1962
Los Angeles, California
Other names Jessica Strauss, Jessica Stenuis, Jennifer Proud, Jasmine Dias, Sandra Jacobs
Occupation Voice Actress
Notable credit(s) Eureka Seven
as Gidget
as Junko Miyaji
Wolf's Rain
as Blue
Super Street Fighter IV
as Juri

Jessica Suzanne Straus is an American voice actress who works in animation, video games and anime. She has provided voices for several video games, most notably as Juri in Super Street Fighter IV,[1] Pi in .hack//GU//Rebirth[2] and Hiroko Hagakure from Dangan Ronpa: Despair Girls.[3] Additionally, in anime, Jessica is also known as the voice of Taruto from Magical Meow Meow Taruto,[4][5] Blue from Wolf's Rain,[6] Junko Miyaji from FLCL,[7] Deunan Knute from the Appleseed movie,[8] Mokaku from the Battle Vixens series[9] and Gidget from Eureka Seven.[10]



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