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Jessica Zafra
Born 1965 (age 52–53)
Occupation Writer, columnist, editor, publisher, television host, radio host

Jessica Zafra (born 1965) is a fiction writer, columnist, editor, publisher, and former television and radio show host.[1] She is known for her sharp and witty writing style. Her most popular books are the Twisted series,[2][3] a collection of her essays as a columnist for the newspaper Today (now Manila Standard Today), as well as from her time as editor and publisher of the magazine Flip.[2] She currently writes a weekly column for, the online news portal of TV5. She resides in Metro Manila, Philippines, where she is working on her first novel. She also managed the Eraserheads during the 1990s.

Her work often are about current events (both Philippine and international), tennis, movies, music, cats, books, technology, and her personal life. Her work has been the subject of academic study. The main ingredient to her work is often fun cynicism and irony.

Educational background[edit]

Zafra attended Saint Theresa's College of Quezon City, Quezon City, from prep school until the 6th Grade, after which she went to the main campus of the Philippine Science High School and then to the University of the Philippines where she majored in comparative literature.


Current Works[edit]


  • 500 People You Meet in Hell
  • Manananggal Terrorizes Manila and Other Short Stories, 1992
  • Womenagerie and Other Tales from the Front, 1995
  • Twisted, 1995
  • Twisted II: Spawn of the Twisted, 1996
  • Fruitcake, 1997 (as editor)
  • Planet of the Twisted, 1998
  • Chicken Pox for the Soul, 1999
  • Twisted IV
  • Twisted V
  • Twisted 6
  • Tw7sted
  • Twisted 8: Night of the Living Twisted
  • Twisted Flicks, 2007
  • Twisted Travels
  • Twisted 8½
  • Twisted 9
  • The word-eaters
  • Jocks vs Geeks, 2014


  • Flip (as Editor-in-Chief)


  • Twisted's Greatest Hits'

Television Shows[edit]

Radio Shows[edit]



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