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Studio album by Babasónicos
Released 25 July 2001
Genre Rock, alternative rock
Label Pop Art
Babasónicos chronology
Jessico Dance Mix
(2002)Jessico Dance Mix2002
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars link

Jessico is the sixth album by Argentine rock group Babasónicos.

The band embraced more traditional song structures in Jessico in comparison to their previous albums, sacrificing experimentation and psychedelia for a more direct style. This has brought criticism from certain circles, who think that this album lacks the originality that characterized Babasónicos from their previous output. It was considered a regular radio-friendly pop album by many. On the other hand, it was the band's ticket to success, who were for the first time raised from underground status into mainstream. Jessico was critically acclaimed by the media and journalists, most of which considered it their best work.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Los Calientes" (The Hot Ones)
  2. "Fizz"
  3. "Deléctrico" (Delectric)
  4. "Soy Rock" (I'm Rock)
  5. "Pendejo" (Dumbass)
  6. "El Loco" (The Madman)
  7. "La Fox"
  8. "Tóxica" (Toxic)
  9. "Yoli"
  10. "Rubí" (Ruby)
  11. "Camarín" (Dressing Room)
  12. "Atomicum"


  1. "Deléctrico"
  2. "El Loco"
  3. "Fizz"
  4. "Los Calientes"
  5. "Rubí"