Jesuit Church, Lviv

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Jesuit Church
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Jesuit Church in Lviv.
Jesuit Church is located in Lviv
Jesuit Church
Jesuit Church
49°50′29″N 24°01′45″E / 49.8415°N 24.0291°E / 49.8415; 24.0291Coordinates: 49°50′29″N 24°01′45″E / 49.8415°N 24.0291°E / 49.8415; 24.0291
DenominationRoman Catholic

The Jesuit Church in Lviv is dedicated to Sts. Peter and Paul. When constructed in the 1610 and 1620s, it was one of the largest churches in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Sebastian Lachmius, a monk, based his design for the church on that of Il Gesu in Rome. His designs were modified by a professional Italian architect, Jacopo Briano, in 1618–1621.

A curious addition to the original design was the 80-meter clocktower on the south side which used to be the tallest building in Galicia. The upper part of this early 18th-century tower was demolished in 1830.

In 1740, the vaults were frescoed by the Eckstein brothers from Brno. The paintings were greatly injured during the Soviet period, when the church was used as a storage facility and suffered relative neglect.


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