Jesus (Gackt song)

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Single by Gackt
from the album Re:Born
Released December 3, 2008 (Regular)
November 26, 2008 (Limited)
Genre Hard rock, Alternative metal,
Classical/Romantic music
Length 16:93
Label Dears
Writer(s) Gackt C.
Producer(s) Gackt
Gackt singles chronology
"Returner (Yami no Shūen)"
Music video
"Jesus" on YouTube

"Jesus" is the twenty-eighth single by Japanese musical artist Gackt. It was released on December 4, 2008.[1]


"Jesus" marked the beginning of Gackt's move back into music scene after a year,[2] and the story of ЯR Project began in 2001 with release of the album Rebirth and Requiem et Reminiscence tour.[1][3] The sequel to the story was the Gackt Visualive Tour Requiem et Reminiscence II 2008-2009 tour, which he explained in detail on his website through "Asakura's Report".[1]

"Jesus" is first Gackt's release from his own label Dears, but still supported by Nippon Crown. A limited edition version with a PV was released on November 26, 2008 for members of Gackt's official fanclub, Dears, and the regular edition was released on December 3, 2008.[4]

In 2009, Gackt in a French magazine interview stated that Metallica's song "One" influenced him for writing the song "Jesus", whose certain part is a homage to "One".[5]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Gackt.C; all music composed by Gackt.C.

No. Title Length
1. "Jesus" 3:37
2. "Sayonara -ЯR II ver.-" 5:14
3. "Jesus (Instrumental)" 3:36
4. "Sayonara -ЯR II ver.- (Instrumental)" 5:06


Charts (2008) Peak
Oricon Weekly Singles[4] 7
Billboard Japan Hot 100[6] 41
Billboard Japan Top Independent[7] 2


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