Jesus Christ Superstar (1972 Swedish cast)

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Jesus Christ Superstar
Cast recording by 1972 Swedish cast
Released 1972
Recorded 1971
Genre Pop
Label Philips
Producer Johnny Reimar, Peder Kragerup, Birger Svan

Jesus Christ Superstar (1972 Swedish cast) is an album released on Philips in 1972. The album features the Swedish cast from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar. In the Swedish cast's studio recording, Jesus was played by Bruno Wintzell. Among other artists were featured in the Swedish cast by their respective roles; Arne Jansson as Judas, Örjan Ramberg as Herodes, Bernt Henziger as Pilatus, and Agnetha Fältskog as Maria Magdalena.

The Maria Magdalena role[edit]

Björn Ulvaeus, Agnetha's husband at the time, had heard about the Swedish production, he suggested that Agnetha should audition for the role of Mary Magdalene. The producers had a hard time choosing between Agnetha and Titti Sjöblom, due to the respect of Titti's mother, Alice Babs. In what was termed a compromise, Agnetha headlined in the role with Sjöblom playing two nights and the matinee was performed by Adele Lipuma as Maria Magdalena. Titti Sjöblom, portraying as Maria and Bruno Winzell, who played Jesus went to perform at Stockholm, Örebro and Gävle, after a compromise was made. Peter Winsnes went back to the Falconér theatre and picked up his utterly successful performance in Copenhagen again. The Danish daily paper Politiken crowned him SUPER-SUPERSTAR !

The premiere was held on February 18 at The Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg and the ten performances run set an "untouchable Swedish record" playing to 74,000 people, at the time of the year.

Cast of the recording[edit]

  • Judas: Arne Jansson
  • Jesus: Bruno Wintzell
  • Maria Magdalena: Agnetha Fältskog
  • Prast: Håkan Mohede
  • Kaifas: Carl-Johan Sacklen
  • Hannas: Hasse Jenbratt
  • Simon: Dan Tillberg
  • Pilatus: Bernt Henziger
  • Petrus: Göran Runfelt
  • Herodes: Örjan Ramberg

Track listing[edit]

LP 1[edit]

  1. "Ouvertyr 4:05
  2. " Ditt Folk Har Du Förlett 4:00 (Judas)
  3. " Vad Står På?/Hon Går På Gatan 4:44 (Jesus, ,Judas, Lärjungarna Och Deras Kvinnor)
  4. " Nu Ska Du Bli Stilla 4:20 (Maria Magdalena, Judas,Lärjungarna Och Deras Kvinnor)
  5. " Jesus Må Dö 3:25 (Kaifas, Hannas,Präster Och Deras Följe)
  6. " Hosianna 2:00 (Kaifas, Jesus OchHopen)
  7. " Simon Ivraren/Ack, Mitt Jerusalem 4:42 (Simon, Jesus Och Hopen)
  8. " Pilatus Dröm 1:35 (Pilatus)
  9. " I Templet 4:38 (Jesus Och Hopen)
  10. " Allting Är Allright 0:28 (Maria Magdalena)
  11. " Vart Ska Min Kärlek Föra 3:24 (Maria Magdalena Och Jesus)
  12. " Dömd För Alltid 6:03 (Judas, Hannas,Kaifas Och Prästerna)

LP 2[edit]

  1. " Nattvarden 6:55 (Jesus, Judas Och Lärjungarna)
  2. " I Getsemane 6:12 (Jesus)
  3. " Jesus Fängslas 3:18 (Petrus, Jesus, Lärjungarna, Reporter, Kaifas Och Hannas)
  4. " Petrus Förnekar Jesus 1:20 (Petrus,Flickan Vid Bålet, En Soldat,En Gammel Man Och Maria Magdalena)
  5. " Inför Pilatus 2:50 (Pilatus, Soldater, Jesus Och Hopen)
  6. " Herodes Sång 2:58 (Herodes)
  7. " Judas Död 4:58 (Judas, Johannes Och Kaifas)
  8. " Åter Inför Pilatus 6:34 (Pilatus, Kaifas, Jesus Och Hopen)
  9. " Superstar 4:03 (Judas Röst Och Hopen)
  10. " Korsfästelsen 4:05 (Jesus Och Hopen)
  11. " Johannes Evangeliet Kap. 19, Vers 41 2:20


  • LP: © 1972 Philips 6675 002
  • CD: © 1995 Royal Records 19950001