Jesus Egg That Wept

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Jesus Egg That Wept
Danielle Dax - Jesus Egg That Wept.jpg
Studio album by Danielle Dax
Released 1984
Recorded Fortress Dax & IPS Studio
Label Awesome Records
Producer Danielle Dax
Danielle Dax chronology
Jesus Egg That Wept
Inky Bloaters
(1987)Inky Bloaters1987

Jesus Egg That Wept is the second solo album by Danielle Dax, an English experimental musician and former member of The Lemon Kittens. It was originally recorded and released in 1984 on the Awesome Records label. The album was re-released in 1993 on the Biter Of Thorpe label (BOT131-02CD) and distributed through World Serpent Distribution.

Dax wrote and produced all the songs on the album as well as playing the guitar, honky-tonk piano, drums, bass, flute, keyboards, tenor saxophone, tapes, TR-808, synths, metal kalimba and providing the vocals. Additional instruments were played by David Knight on Evil-Honky Stomp and Fortune Cheats; Karl Blake, another former member of The Lemon Kittens, provided additional sounds on Ostrich. Cover artwork was again created by Holly Warburton. Warburton's artwork can be found on most of Dax's early work.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Evil-Honky Stomp" (4:42) - also on Comatose-Non-Reaction
  2. "Pariah" (3:46) - also on The Janice Long Session EP, Dark Adapted Eye, Comatose-Non-Reaction
  3. "Fortune Cheats" (4:35) also on Comatose-Non-Reaction
  4. "Hammerheads" (3:36) - also on Dark Adapted Eye, Comatose-Non-Reaction
  5. "Here Come The Harvest Buns" (3:04) - also on Pop-Eyes LP
  6. "Ostrich" (4:01) - also on The Janice Long Session EP, Comatose-Non-Reaction
  7. "The Spoil Factor" (4:00) - also on Comatose-Non-Reaction

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