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Jesus Freaks is a 1999 book by dc Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs. The name comes from DC Talk's album and song Jesus Freak that they released in 1995. It includes stories and testimonies of Christians from all over the world, past and present, who have been persecuted, tortured, or martyred for their Christian beliefs. Jesus Freaks is published by Bethany House (ISBN 0-7642-0083-6).

After its publication, a sequel book was also published, along with affiliated books. These included a blank Journal book, Journal, a devotional-style book, Live Like a Jesus Freak, and a book of Bible verses, Promises for a Jesus Freak, for many occasions from many Protestant Bible translations, including the popular The Message translation.

Voice of the Martyrs also released a book independently of similar stories, Extreme Devotion.

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