Jesus Merino

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Jesus Merino
Area(s)Penciller, Inker
Notable works
JSA, vol. 3

Jesús Merino (born 1965) is a Spanish comic book artist, best known in the American comic industry for his collaborations with penciller Carlos Pacheco.

Merino himself raised from the Línea Laberinto of Planeta-DeAgostini Spanish publisher, where he drew three mini-series: Aníbal Gris (1996), Jaque Mate (1997) and Triada Vértice (1998). In 1998 he began to work with Pacheco, inking his layouts on titles such as Avengers Forever, Superman/Batman and Green Lantern.[1]

Merino's work on DC included art for many issues of Justice Society of America, vol. 3 and a Superman/Batman story.

In September 2011, DC launched a new Superman series written by George Pérez with art by Pérez and Merino.[2][3]



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