Jesus the Jew

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Jesus the Jew
Jesus the Jew (Geza Vermes book).jpg
Author Geza Vermes
Publisher Collins
Publication date
Pages 286 pp.
ISBN 978-0-00-215373-7
OCLC 612199537

Jesus the Jew: A historian's reading of the Gospels (1973) is a book by Geza Vermes, who was a Reader in Jewish Studies at the University of Oxford when it was written. It was originally published by Collins in London.

Review citations and excerpts[edit]

"Fortress picked this book up from the dying Collins firm; it has a 1973 publication date in England. The author has written on the Dead Sea Scrolls, but in this book his main interest is to give a Jewish Portrait of Jesus in his environment. Elaborate reference materials at the back of the book reinforce his arguments and lead readers beyond his significant beginnings. His Jesus is a very recognizable zaddik, a just man, a teacher, an exemplar."

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"Already regarded as a turn-in-the-road book, this historical study eschews most theological elements and jolts Christian readers into relocating Jesus in his original Jewish environment. Positive thinking about an often forgotten context; readable by nonspecialists."