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Not to be confused with the American Jetset Magazine.
For other uses, see Jet set (disambiguation).
Front cover of issue 196 of Jet-Set featuring heiress and socialite Tatiana Santo Domingo on the lower right side it reads "Tatiana Santo Domingo, granddaughter of Julio Santo Domingo was chosen World's Best Dressed Woman by Vanity Fair magazine". On the upper right hand corner a small picture of Colombia's then-newly inaugurated president Juan Manuel Santos Calderón and his wife First Lady María Clemencia Rodríguez Múnera to his left, bordered on the left with a yellow ban going from left to right diagonally from the top that reads "All about the presidential inauguration".
Front cover of issue 196 of Jet-Set featuring heiress and socialite Tatiana Santo Domingo.
Editor-in-Chief Olga Viviana Guerrero Campo
Categories Celebrity, human interest, news
Frequency Fortnightly
First issue 15 September 1998 (18 years ago) (1998-09-15)
Company Publicaciones Semana S.A.
Country Colombia
Based in Bogotá, D.C.
Language Spanish
ISSN 0123-7918

Jet-Set is a Colombian-based fortnightly magazine profiling the glamorous, compelling and sometimes scandalous lives and happenings of Colombian and international celebrities, politicians, artists, and those of the elite and high-society, that is to say, those in the jet set. The magazine heavily relies on engaging editorials and vivid photographs depicting the stylish fashions worn, the exciting events attended, and the extravagant home décor of the rich and famous to captivate its readers' imagination.[1]

History and operations[edit]

The magazine was founded in 1998 as the tenth publication of Publicaciones Semana S.A. with Álvaro García Jiménez as its first editor-in-chief.[2]

The magazine is based in Bogotá, D.C..

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