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Jet Aircraft Museum
Jet Aircraft Museum Logo.JPG
Established12 September 2009
LocationLondon International Airport, Ontario, Canada
TypeAviation Museum
DirectorBob Hewitt

The Jet Aircraft Museum is a charitable foundation aviation museum specializing in Canadian Forces jet aircraft. The museum is located at the London International Airport, Ontario, Canada.[1][2]

The museum officially opened on 12 September 2009.


The museum states its mission as:

The Jet Aircraft Museum (JAM) will acquire, preserve, maintain, display and fly jet aircraft of the Canadian Forces from the DeHavilland Vampire to present day and future aircraft.[3]

The museum has indicated its intention "JAM will strive to maintain four or more of each type as flying aircraft with a flight of four reflecting authentic Canadian Forces paint schemes."[3] The museum has listed the CF-100 Canuck, Canadair Sabre, F2H-3 Banshee, CF-101 Voodoo, CF-104 Starfighter, CF-5 Freedom Fighter and CT-114 Tutor as being targets for intended acquisition.[4]


The aircraft owned by the museum are:[5]

In January 2019 the museum was engaged in raising funds to buy a Canadair CT-114 Tutor for restoration.[6]

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