Jethal clan

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The Jethal are a Rajput clan found in Punjab, Pakistan.

History and origin[edit]

The Jethal claim Rajput descent, but its pedigree is traced to be a Sindh Mahar, who some 12 or 14 generations ago, married the sister of a Ghouri king. The king, however, drove Mahar with his 21 sons in the Kirana Bar. Bhutta eventually crossed the Jhelum River, and settled at Ratta Pind, now a mound near the town of Kandwal. According to other traditions, they are Rajput Mahar by origin. They own four villages of Musiana, Dhudi Thal, Kahana and Jethal. They use Mahar and Ch as their titles.

They are also said to have originally settled at Ucch Shah Jalal, the modern town of Uch in Bahawalpur.

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