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Jethwa (or Jethva, Jaitwa, Jethi or Kamari, Camari, Kam(a)r) is a branch of the Suryavanshi Rajput clan.[citation needed]


Merchant Navy flag of Porbandar State adopted by Jethwas, showing image of Hanuman, from whom the Jethwas claim their descent.

It has been suggested that the Saindhava dynasty ruling eastern part of Saurashtra peninsula is now represented by the Jethwas. It is also suggested that the term Jethwa probably originating from Jayadratha (another name of Saindhawa dynasty), Jyeshtha (the elder branch) or Jyeshthuka from which the region derived its name Jyeshthukadesha.[1][need quotation to verify][2][need quotation to verify][3][need quotation to verify][4][need quotation to verify]

Other details and Kuldevis[edit]

The Jethwa Rajputs belong to the Gautam/Vajas Gotra and their Kuldevi is Vindhyavasini Devi.[5] Jethwas also worship Brahmani.[6] Again there is one aspect of devi, who is known as Jethwa Mata, who is identified as Gaur Matas or clan deities.[6]


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