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Jetion Holdings Limited (AIM: JHL) is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of solar cells and modules. The holdings holds the factory Jiangyin Jetion Science and Technology Co Ltd which is located at Jiangyin (a county-level city of Wuxi), Jiangsu, China. During the year ended 2007, the company had a cell manufacturing capacity of 50 megawatts, and a module capacity of 40 megawatts. The company’s output of solar cells for 2007 was 35.2 megawatts. In October 2007, it established a European joint venture, Jetion Europe. In March 2008, Jetion announced that it had entered into an agreement with a Japanese company to purchase 100 megawatts of solar polycrystalline silicon feedstock with immediate effect through until 2011.


For the six months ended 30 June 2008, Jetion Holdings Limited's revenues totaled $100.7M, up from $38.6M. Net income totaled $9.7M, up from $2.8M. Revenues reflect an increase in incme from cells and modules segment. Net income reflects the presence of other income, lower research & development expenses, increased finance income and the presence of share of profits less losses of joint controlled entity.

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